What happened to Liberalism?

As a result of Obama’s election strategy and the reflective and predictably sycophantic media panting along beside him, the left has become as bad a caricature of itself as it accuses the right of having become, and a far cry from what authentic Liberalism should and can be. It is reduced to a single wailing monotone of attack on any semblance of wealth or success, with the participants competing to top each other on who’s had the poorest upbringing as a way of distinguishing themselves from “the rich”. It reminds me of a Monty Python sketch on a similar topic, everyone vying to claim the mantle of having the most poverty-stricken childhood:  “Oh yeah? Well we lived in a shoebox in the middle of a highway!”  ” You had a shoebox?? LUXURY!”


About Ladiehawke

Born in the USA, of Canadian parents, family is cross-border and I have lived most of my adult life in Ontario. PhD in developmental neurobiology, DVM from Ontario Veterinary College. Married, no children, we own a 107 acre farm and I have two horses - haflingers, mother and daughter, named Folly and Chance, hence the name of my blog.
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